First off, I just want to say what an amazing FREE event this is for everyone in the car and local community. If you love cars as much as I do, then you have to make it a point to wake up early on one sunny Saturday morning during the summer to look at some beautiful machines. I made it to almost every weekend to grab a coffee, walked around and admired the scenery. There’s no better way to start a Saturday in my opinion.


The Exotics at RTC all started by founders Paul Bunn, Greg James and Jason Stutzman back in 2008 when the gathering would take place in Old Main Street in Bellevue Washington. Logistically that location was not ideal for parking and large gatherings of people, so it’s popularity eventually faded away. That was until two event goers, Tom Nault and Victor Tiscarino planned to resolve those issues by seeking out a new venue and keep the meet going. Long story short, after the two found their ideal location at Redmond Town Center mall, the car meet was reborn.


If you have a car that you would like to show there, keep in mind the event planners are very selective. The term exotic means the car should be rare, not a daily driver you see on the highway on your way to work. You are not going to find many tuner cars here, but that doesn’t mean that the event is restricted to just Lamborghinis and Ferraris. If you have a car that you are proud of, reach out to the event coordinators to find out if it meets their criteria.


Exotics at RTC promotes specific event days such as German and Italian specific manufacturers to be on display. If you plan on going, I highly suggest going to one of these special event days because they are typically bigger and show cars within the RTC promenade itself. Also keep in mind the event only happens if there is a minimal chance of rain in the forecast. If you are a local you already probably know to check the forecast, but be sure to also visit their blog before you consider attending. I have a link to exotics at RTC website below, check it out for more details.