Depending on where you live, you might notice fresh juice and Acai bowl shops are becoming more popular. Although, finding a good one isn’t always that easy. My favorite shop that I’ve tried so far, happens to be a 5-minute drive from my home.

HB Beverage Co. started up as a food truck then moved into their brick and mortar shop off NE 124th ST. in Kirkland WA after they gained some popularity. I’ll admit, I never got the chance to try them when they were in the food truck, I would drive by them daily on the way to work and see the line of people getting their juice and bowl fix. I was actually on a date with this girl who was gushing about how much she loved them (maybe the date might have gone better if I just took her there) then I decided to give it a try. Like most of my dates, it didn’t work out, but I did fall in love with HB beverage co. I was almost going once a week in the summer because it’s so good on a hot day but don’t get me wrong, they’re great in the colder months too.


My favorites are the Acai and Dragon Bowl, sometimes add peanut butter. Another favorite is the ginger, cayenne, turmeric, lemon shot. One shot will wake you right up and tastes great.

They also have seasonal items like the Yam-Yam bowl (Pictured Left) with sweet potato, banana, cashew-cream which I was skeptical of, but it was amazing.

If you’re in the area for breakfast, lunch or snack, give them a try.



HB Beverage Co