With the ever growing amount of Ramen restaurants in the Seattle area, Ramen Danbo is my new favorite. They have locations in Vancouver BC, Capitol Hill Seattle and coming soon to Brooklyn NY. Even though they are expanding their footprint and it doesn’t seem like an exclusive restaurant, it also proves they’re doing ramen right.


Ramen Danbo Capitol Hill Seattle WA

I love the flavors of Ramen Danbo’s broth, chashu and noodles combines. You will not get served an over-cooked egg here, you can sense their attention to detail they take when making their ramen. Nothing turns me off more than when I get served a hard-boiled egg with my ramen.

The only thing I find unfortunate with Ramen Danbo compared to other ramen restaurants is how they charge you to customize your ramen if you want the extras to get it the way you want it. Obviously this can get pricey the more you add-on.

I had the Miso Rekka Ramen with soft-boiled egg, nori and kikurage (Pictured above). You also choose the noodle thickness, firmness and type of broth. Even with the added charges I left Ramen Danbo happy because I got everything just the way I wanted and everything tasted great. If you are ever near one of their locations give them a try, you won’t be disappointed. Keep in mind, they do not take table reservations, this is a very-much first come, first serve style of dining.