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Easy and Delicious Kimchi, Garlic and Shrimp Fried Rice

Make Kimchi Fried Rice

Crispy-Puffed Dutch Baby

A little known fact about me is that they used to call me Crispy Puff. In all seriousness, I love starting my day having a delicious breakfast on a weekend morning. There are few things better in life than to spend a lazy Sunday morning, making breakfast and just chillin’ with a cup of coffee. […]

Find Solace in Shoyu Ramen

This recipe will give your soul a hug. Ramen is another comfort food for me. If you grew up like I did, then your first experience with ramen is probably similar to mine. You mom probably came home with as many instant ramen packs as she could fit in the grocery cart for 0.50 ea. […]

Mouth Watering Rolled Chashu for Ramen

Next to the soft-boiled egg, chashu is the only other must-have ingredient to have in my ramen when I order at a restaurant. It’s an ingredient that doesn’t take too much skill to make but will make your homemade ramen dish stand out. You do not necessarily have to go with the rolled technique, but […]

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