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Delicate Miso Marinated Black Cod (Nobu Inspired)

Black cod isn’t a fish that I frequently see offered at most restaurants but it’s definitely one of my favorites. Usually I’ll find it served at sushi or Japanese restaurants. Typically, a grilled collar of black cod that is marinated and has a silky fatty, charred, delicious flavor. If you’re not familiar with the fish […]

Effortless Trader Joe’s Haul – Meal Prep Recipes

Harissa Chicken with Avocado Three is the magic number when it comes to meal prep. If we can get 3 different dishes made for the week, we never get tired of what we have to eat. It allows you to rotate what you planned to have for lunch and/or dinner. Another thing you can play […]

Savory Shrimp Stuffed Anaheim Peppers on a whim

After traveling to Puerto Vallarta recently, I was already beginning to miss Mexican food. The seafood there was so fresh and delicious. Let me say this isn’t a traditional Mexican dish that I know of, just inspired by those flavors. For this recipe I had to settle for using frozen shrimp. I’m okay with this […]

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