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Tag / Easy Recipe

Delicate Miso Marinated Black Cod (Nobu Inspired)

Black cod isn’t a fish that I frequently see offered at most restaurants but it’s definitely one of my favorites. Usually I’ll find it served at sushi or Japanese restaurants. Typically, a grilled collar of black cod that is marinated and has a silky fatty, charred, delicious flavor. If you’re not familiar with the fish […]

Crispy-Puffed Dutch Baby

A little known fact about me is that they used to call me Crispy Puff. In all seriousness, I love starting my day having a delicious breakfast on a weekend morning. There are few things better in life than to spend a lazy Sunday morning, making breakfast and just chillin’ with a cup of coffee. […]

Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

If you don’t like pizza then you might not be human. Everyone loves pizza. If you don’t, I feel bad for you son. I’ll eat 99 Pizzas and won’t hate one. Here’s my easy to follow recipe for homemade pizza anyone can do.